Attention: Out of Shape, Busy Men and Women!
Revealed: How To Build a Stronger, Leaner, and More Defined Body The Natural Way 
– Without Drugs, Boring Crash Dieting, or Spending Countless Hours In The Gym! 
REGARDLESS of how old your body feels and how badly you have struggled in the past, you will soon discover real-life results and solutions for building your best body – so put down your phone, do away with distractions, and give this your FULL attention.

Mike Hermann, Founder of Performance Revolution here.

If you have struggled to get in good shape, you have tried every diet imaginable, if you've taken every supplement or pill, if you have tried every training program or coaching program imaginable, yet you still haven't attained your dream body, then you're about to discover a time-tested, risk-free program that will get you the results you’re searching for!

Curious to know how? Then keep reading :)

Now I can go on and on, telling you about how passionate I am about fitness and how much I personally love transforming bodies and lives through coaching – which is true… However, you and I both know that this is not enough.

If you’re anything like me, you want to see results and credibility ABOVE ALL! So before we go any further, let’s verify.
So why the heck should you listen to me?
Well you don’t have to of course, but over the past 13 years, I’ve worked long and hard as both a Personal Trainer and Strength & Conditioning coach - coaching hundreds of clients and conducting over 25000 hours of coaching sessions. During this time, I’ve helped complete beginners through to national level athletes reach their physical potential.
In fact, my programs and work has been featured in major fitness Publications such as Men’s Muscle & Health, Oxygen Magazine, and the like.
This is not to stroke my ego or to impress you – but rather to impress upon you that I take training and results VERY seriously!

Oh and by the way, over the past 17 years, I’ve personally trained my own butt off to build a stronger, leaner, more muscular, and athletic body – the natural way!
From bodybuilding; to powerlifting; to Olympic lifting…and more recently; to gymnastics & calisthenics training - I’ve experimented, made mistakes, and learnt the hard way about how to build a balanced, refined, and more resilient body (and gain all the coaching qualifications along the way too).

This experience working with athletes and on myself over the years, has really helped refine my methods and enabled me to produce many outstanding transformations in the process.
Helping every client to be more athletic has not only opened the door to their underutilised performance capabilities - it has also produced a chiselled and defined physique for them in the process.

See the next page to see exactly what I mean -
The Results
When I started personal training, I began training clients in a similar way to how athletes were trained. My clients developed a leaner and more sculpted body with the functionality to back it up:
Despite being allergic to egg, dairy, yeast and shellfish. Amy doubled her strength across all her major exercises and transformed into her best physique ever - even competing in her first fitness model show.

(36 - week transformation)
Busy Business owner OJ built serious strength.... whike ALSO cutting a tonne of fat to get in his best shape since high school!

(13 - week transformation)
47- year-old Corporate CFO and single Mum Jne went from flabby and undefined, to lean and muscular - she has not seen these results in her 25 years of prior efforts.

(26 - week transformation)
Skinny Anita got built fast and lean down fast to place 3rd in her first Physique show (state-level).

(13 - week transformation)
This is how Performance Revolution was born. The mission was to make clients stronger and more athletic with a refined body to show for it!

I’m constantly polishing my programs so that clients not only get stronger, more muscular, and athletic, but they are also able to get leaner and STAY leaner more easily long term.

And this matters a lot because many of the clients that come to us (and maybe this is true for you too), used to play sport, be quite active, and/or were in great shape when they were younger.

The hard reality for most of these people now, is that they are shocked and embarrassed at the weaker, softer, more injury prone, and puffier version of themselves that they never thought they would become.

My company’s main objective is helping busy men and women re-compose their bodies by bringing back the youthful athleticism and the body that comes with it….all while working WITH their unique struggles of trying to balance their health & fitness, with their career, family, and social life.
These unique challenges made us refine all of our methods over time – including our nutrition practices into the Lean-Tasty-Easy Nutrition System that it is today. Using this system, we help people who are constantly on the go, get the adequate nutrition they need to build their bodies – without their work, family or social life crumbling down around them. We take away the boring and tasteless bodybuilding foods and design a lean and tasty fool-proof plan that you can (and WANT) to follow longer term for sustainable results.

The time, energy, and subsequently motivationally poor, busy man and woman of today’s society has also helped us develop our highly effective and targeted 4-S Training Method.

The truth is that when it comes to training, most people burn themselves out and waste their precious time doing a mindless volume of workouts, exercises, and sets thinking that ‘more is always better!’

However, the body does not grow in the gym – it grows while you rest! The best training program is the one which you can recover from! In our programs, we make sure that every rep counts – stimulation not annihilation!

Our short but intense way of building muscle and strength requires no longer than 45mins of training, 3-5 times per week – making it our most effective and proficient strength program to date. We are going to make you more productive than ever and we are confident that anyone can utilise our highly progressive training programs, to not only build a great body in record time, but also to balance out weaknesses and develop a refined and symmetrical physique in the process.

I have trained hundreds of clients and tried so many things over the past 13 years, that I know many of the struggles you go through. I also know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to building your body naturally. I want people like you to have a great body, but I also want you to have enough time and energy for your family, work, and social life – without all the guilt!
 But here’s the problem... 
You’re sceptical about whether this will work for you… and so you should be!

The fitness space is filled with MISINFORMATION that you read and hear about ALL the time.

▶ One dietary method like Keto, Paleo, Intermittent Fasting (or one of hundreds of others on the market), is labelled as the answer for every person, every time, and for every goal.
▶ Photoshopped and air-brushed images of fitness models on PED’s (Performance Enhancing Drugs) are constantly pushed in your face, with these models constantly promoting their overpriced supplements and programs - all while saying that they are ‘natural’ and drug-free! And yes, these includes a lot of female models too!
▶ They tell you that you need to spend countless hours in the gym EVERY day, doing a full-time training program comprising of endless amounts of exercises, sets and reps – otherwise you won’t ‘hit’ everything, strip enough fat, or make enough ‘gains’.
▶ Oh and if you don’t succeed in all of this, you’re told that you don’t must not have the right genetics and that there is a ceiling for your performance, your progress, and your body transformation results - pffft!

Sadly, the majority of the fitness industry is more about quick fixes and making money than it is about truly helping people like you.

The fitness industry is not tailored to (nor does it align itself with) YOUR body, YOUR unique nutritional needs, YOUR individual training requirements, and most importantly YOUR specific goals.

Trust me I’ve seen it happen repeatedly - when clients come to me for the first time, they are confused as to why what they did in the past failed them. They justifiably felt like the whole process was a BIG waste of time and it didn’t move them any closer towards their goals (even further away in many cases)! 
💡 Does it make sense to take advanced nutrition advice from websites that are geared toward selling supplements? NO!
💡 Does it make sense that a 20-year-old, 100kg jacked male will have the same nutritional requirements as a 45-year-old, 55kg female who has just started using weights? NO!
💡 Does it make sense to jab yourself in the butt with hormone needles when you medically (and logically) have no reason to do so? NO!
💡 Does it make sense that most programs are designed for people who are already lean, muscular, athletic, or even more prevalently - taking PED’s? NO!
💡 Does it make sense to spend countless hours in the gym that you cannot sustain routinely or practically - let alone not recover from physiologically? NO!

Are you starting to get it?
 The Solution: 
In all this chaos and confusion that is pushed your way, it’s often hard to acknowledge that it’s not your fault - that you’ve been struggling because you have been fed myths and lies by online “gurus” about how to develop your body.

At this point you’re wondering, “Well what is your solution then Mike?”

The solution is an effective and efficient training and nutrition plan designed around YOUR unique body, needs, and situation!

Here’s the hard truth to swallow that the fitness industry will never ‘sell’ you; you’re not a superhero who is built for an extreme program. You’re not in your youth and you’re actually scared about how fast your body is declining. You feel older and more tired than you actually are and it’s not hard to start feel unconfident, miserable, and anxious about where you’re at and where things could go from here.

And on top of all this, it seems like everything else in life is sucking all the energy and motivation out of you a lot of the time. The last thing you need is another juiced-up model posting a photo of their flexed bicep in your face that contains no inherent value to you (or anyone for that matter)!

There is another way though – an approach that is born out of experience and achieving results with people JUST LIKE YOU. One where your unique needs are catered for and REALISTIC expectations are placed on you, your body, and your time.
 The fastest and most effective way to build your body 
Apart from the inherent accountability a coach brings, a good coach can save you from losing your most important asset – time!

Learning from someone who has travelled the path you want to take and has seen and learnt from all the mistakes along the way is the quickest route to success.

A good coach can direct you down the right track when things aren’t going to plan and ensure your efforts aren’t in vain and misdirected. A good coach is your road map in the confusing and misguided world of fitness.

And what kind of coaches work for my business Performance Revolution?

Ones that will not only do all the aforementioned, but ones that will get you to focus on improving your performance in the gym and your nutrition habits outside of it, so that you can focus on enjoying the process, while the outcome (your transformation) takes care of itself!

And with that said, it brings me great pleasure to introduce you to the…
The Body Re-composition Program
that teaches you how to:
Build A Stronger, Leaner, and More Defined Body That Lasts!
Drugs, Boring Crash Dieting, or Spending Endless Hours In The Gym!
Over the course of this program, my team works INTIMATELY with people like you, and show you exactly how to eat, train, and recover to build a strong and sculpted lean body so that you’re equipped with more confidence than ever!

Don’t be afraid!

All this means is that you will be working with your body rather than in spite of your body!

Our program ensures that you will see consistent changes across your WHOLE body… all the while turning heads in the process ;)

No more wasting time and money on expensive supplements, unsustainable diets, gimmicky training programs, and the like.

But you still might be wondering, “Will it work for me?”

The answer is, YES – but only if you’re willing to be coached.

You can rest your fears aside because me and my team have succeeded in working with a large number of people with broad spectrum of work, family, and other individual lifestyle challenges – all to produce real and lasting transformations over many years!

We have drawn from this wealth of knowledge and practical experience in every aspect, to create our Lean Body Program – enabling people just like YOU, to build a stronger, leaner, and more defined physique, that performs even better that it looks!
 Don’t just take my word for it though! 
 See some more of our client results and what others have to say about our program:
 Here is what you get: 
The Program Components
 Component #1: Intensifying Strength Building Workout Programs
Using our 4-S (Super Sets in Super Splits) Method, our highly progressive programs will get you strong and sculpted – Fast! These short but intense routines will also balance out your weaknesses and give you a symmetrical physique. Delivered to you on demand via app and download, you will not get bored with your workouts, and these will adapt and change as your body starts becoming stronger, leaner, and more functional! The numbers don’t lie – you will know exactly what you’re lifting and what targets you should be aiming for each program cycle. 
 Component #2: Tasty & Easy Lean Meal Plans and Recipes
Forget bland and boring bodybuilding meals and say hello to quick, lean, and tasty menu options. Our L&T Easy Nutrition system ensures all your meals and recipes not only taste good and are good for you, but are also time-efficient to make and easy to prepare (we can even create your plans around healthy commercial meal company alternatives if you are really short on time). Our recipes and plans are created by a professional chef and dietitian - so you will look forward to eating the meals on your very own plan… whilst also trusting that you can put on muscle if need be without getting super fat.
 Component #3: Weekly Call and Personal Nutrition Report from your Dietitian
See how you are really going with your nutrition – receive your very own detailed nutrition report from our expert dietitian and a weekly phone call to answer your questions and keep you on track. To optimise your nutrition, our dietitian will make any necessary tweaks to your plan along the way to ensure you are not missing anything in your quest to maximise your results.
 Component #4: Bi-Weekly check-ins and Accountability from Your Coaches
Need someone to look over your shoulder as well as watch your back? We have you covered! We will check in to see how you’re progressing or if there is anything we can see going off course so you can get back on the results bandwagon ASAP!
 Component #5: Daily App Messaging & Coaching Support for Q&A’s
Have a quick question or need some timely guidance regarding your training or nutrition? Our coaches are here to help you at every stage no matter how big or small a change your program requires. Personal attention is something that is sadly missed by most online coaching programs. Ours is different – we want one thing for you – results! Run to us, not from us with your challenges and burning questions to get prompt solutions when you’re stuck.
 Component #6: Get Set + Get Unstuck Video Coaching Calls with your Trainer and Dietitian
We will get you well acquainted and set up from the outset with your Trainer and Dietitian via a live coaching call. And if at any stage you get really stuck and need to talk to us in depth about a roadblock you’re experiencing, we are there at your request to get you back on track! We are here for you and want to ensure you meet your goals of getting the body of your dreams!
 Component #7: Results Acceleration Tracking App
Track your training, nutrition, sleep, and a host of other metrics at every step of the way with our all-inclusive app. With regularly updated data based on your targets, the app takes all of the confusion out of what you should be doing and lays out your progress in great clarity.
 Component #8: Muscle Cart Itemised Food Shopping Lists
Take the time and frustration out of your shopping day and only buy the foods and portions that you need to build lean muscle or burn body fat. Shopping for your nutrition plan has just got a whole lot easier with tailored shopping lists that precisely fit your tasty & easy lean meals.
 Component #9: All-inclusive Exercise Demonstration Videos
Not sure of what exactly a particular exercise is on your program? How to execute it with proper technique?... or do you simply want to get the maximum stimulus out of each exercise? Apart from having direct access to your coaches for questions, we also give you our library of 800+ demo videos! – it will be like having a coach by your side at the gym on demand for whenever you train. You will be sure that you are doing the right exercises in the right way and avoiding injury!
 Component #10: Extensive Exercise Progression + Substitution lists
Feel a particular exercise is too difficult or too easy? Our exercise progression lists will eradicate this problem entirely ensuring you get the best exercise stimulus for your stage of development (whilst ensuring you make progress as fast as possible)! We also have you covered for those days where you get stuck and cannot use a particular piece of equipment (for whatever reason) –– do a simple swap from our exercise substitution lists to ensure your workouts and results keep progressing nicely.
 Component #11: Perfect Picture taking and Best Body Measurements Guide
Learn how to take perfect progress photos and DIY body fat + girth measurements. Pictures and numbers enable you to see your physique transform at each step of the way and ensure your body is in proportion and symmetry at every stage.
 Component #12: Weekly Training & Nutrition Education Presentations
We are committed to helping you not only get results, but also educating you about what you’re doing and why you’re doing it in your program. We also want to ensure we equip you with the tools to discern what is good, what is bad, and what is worth your time when you encounter all the information out there in the crazy world of fitness! 
 Component #13: Eating Out and Leaner Travel Eating Guides
Travel and eating away from home present a challenge to most people trying to get in shape – but they need not be! We teach you how to read a menu and choose the right meals for your goals, all the while removing the guilt and leaving you feeling full and satisfied. If you think you cannot follow a program and achieve your goals without staying at home all the time, then think again!
Will there be accountability & support?
Yes ABSOLUTELY, you will have access to our team on a daily basis and I’ve created a system where we check-in with you regularly to ensure you’re on the right track.

If you feel like you’re failing and life is getting the better of you at any stage, remember to run to us and not from us. We have been coaching for over a decade and nothing will shock us. No problem is too big or small either.

We will adjust you plan if required and get you back on the fast-track again as soon as possible. And if everything is going to plan, we will still check in to see how we can enhance things to maximise your results 💪

Did we miss something? Don’t worry – we are COMMITTED to your success and we will give you EVERYTHING you will need to achieve and surpass your goals!
This is For Busy Men & Women who:
Want to build permanent lean muscle and break-free from the mediocrity of feeling less confident than they should
Played sport or were previously active when younger and need to get their lean body back
Are frustrated with their physique and previously failed efforts and who want to make serious gains with their body, its functionality, and its strength.
Are sick and tired of being unconfident, overlooked and not taken seriously based on their body.
Are lost in the internet & social media web of confusion and simply want to build a stronger, leaner, more defined body – naturally!
Want to be more productive at work and be able to do more in their day-to-day lives.
Have tried to build their body previously with little success and need more direction, a more structured routine, and a proven plan that works.
Are willing and able to train 3-5 times per week for 45mins
Are coachable and ready to take action!
Are ready to take back and TRANSFORM their body, their training, and their lives!
This Not For Those who:
X Are not actually serious and committed to getting in great shape
X Use “being busy” is an eternal excuse for performing, looking, and feeling terrible
X Are un-coachable and think they know it all already - thinking they can do it all on their (despite previous results indicating otherwise)
X Are not ready to invest into life-changing results and would rather keep wasting time and money on quick fixes and gimmicks
X Are not ready to step outside their comfort zone and transform their body
X Are elderly, have debilitating injuries/diseases or pre-existing health conditions that jeopardise their safety and full participation in the program
So do you qualify and are you ready to work hard?

If so, Congratulations!

You ready?
How To Get Started
Transforming you into the better looking, feeling, and performing version of yourself won’t happen overnight.

However, I believe me and my team have the expertise, experience, and know-how to get you far better results than what you have from your previous efforts to date.

We realise everyone is unique and has different aspirations, starting points, struggles, and commitments to contend with in their pursuit to transform their bodies – and that’s why we give you full personal access to our support team around the clock!

Seeing a trainer or dietitian for an hour each (just once!) costs you MORE than our program, however the former doesn’t cut it for getting you results. You need more support and contact than that.

So instead of waiting 6 days and 23hrs to ask a question or fix a problem when you’re stuck, you can do so at any time with my experienced team of online Coaches and Dietitians.

….Better yet, you don’t have to fit our schedule or location – anywhere and anytime you will have access to us.

You get the bespoke program for home or gym, you get to ask us anything you like, you get exclusive client training and nutrient resources, and you get a supportive community of like-minded people!
Why trust me and my team?
Well you can re-read my client results and testimonials above again if you like…. but to save you some time and effort, how about this?:

For 28 days, I will give you everything I’ve mentioned and access to all my team’s services, for just $375!

In this time, we will prove to you that we can get you great results! And if you are not satisfied at all during this time, simply send us a message and we will happily refund you 100% of your money to your nominated account – no questions asked.

To get started today, Click on the Button Below

If you’ve read everything up to this point and feel this program is not for you, my question is – can you really say that it is not for you if you’ve read this far and you’re still here?

Here is the hard truth - if you want different results you need to do something different. Make a definitive decision right now to get different results

...or you can keep continuing down the path of least resistance, which will probably result in you getting same outcomes you always have.

And besides, with a full money back guarantee, what do you have to lose?

To sweeten the deal for you and reward your speed of implementation (a key determinant in how fast you will see results with your body too), for a limited time only, if you take the first step now and give us 28 days with you, you will receive some awesome exclusive bonuses (see below).

Stop ‘aiming’ for a better body all the time and start pulling the trigger!

I’m excited to start helping you transform yourself and build your dream body 💪
Speak to you soon,

Mike Hermann

Performance Revolution

P.S. If you have questions about the program, the best way to answer these is to DO the program – if you don’t get the answers you’re looking for, we will happily refund your money – sound fair?
Bonus #1 - Ultimate Stretching Guide + Flexibility Secrets Email Series

Reduce Pain, Increase Recovery, and Get Flexible with this extensive guide and email series. Learn the science behind flexibility – which stretches to use, how hard to stretch, how long, and how often. The best training program in the world won’t work if you cannot recover from it – discover the key stretches and flexibility methods to restore your body to a whole new level!
Bonus #2 - Nutrition 101

In this handbook, you will learn the practical fundamentals of good nutrition – whether you want to lose gain muscle or get leaner, this guide will address the key principles and habits you will need to implement to ensure success. Once you get your nutrition right, you will discover that results are a lot easier to come by – you’ll waste less time doing cardio, you’ll recover better, and you’ll also feel much more energised!
Bonus #3 - The Abs Program

Your core is the centre of your body and just about all major movements of the body rely on this area. A strong core makes for a strong body and great posture. It is also notably the most famous body part when it comes to judging a fit physique. The Abs Program is designed for developing strength, motion, and stability in your mid-section – as well as adding that aesthetic appeal along the way. Give this area of your body the attention it deserves with this comprehensive program.
All of these exclusive bonuses are YOURS if you don’t delay and take action NOW!